Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Prefinished Oak Flooring

Interior decorators and more homebuilders are beginning to rely on prefinished oak flooring since of beauty and its elegance. Besides its natural splendor wood floor has numerous benefits, it is resilient, and simple to maintain as compared with carpet. A minor downside to utilizing wood flooring, it is a bit more costly than carpeting, and the installation requires a bit longer.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is often confused by homeowners with laminate flooring. The prefinished flooring includes a thin layer of wood with a backing that produces easy installation. Because the floor has support the actual wood connected to it is thinner. This provide you the preferred take a look at a much lower price.

Because the top-level of one's prefinished floor is created from real wood, it may be refinished the like your conventional wood floors With laminate floor when it's harmed or scratched the entire section needs to be changed. Prefinished floors brought back to its natural beauty, sanded and can be resealed.

You likewise have the benefit of the pre-finish flooring being sanded and at the factory as well as sealed stained. With your traditional hardwood floors it needs to be sanded and sealed in your house and is not install finished. Typically the drying time for the memory can use up to week or even more. With prefinished flooring you could have the job performed in two at the most or a day depending upon the size of the space.

Another advantage of prefinished flooring is in many cases it is set up as a floating floor. That is when every individual plank connects and locks into each other, versus being nailed to some sub-flooring. Oftentimes you do not need to eliminate your old flooring to set up your prefinished oak floors.

You cannot beat style and the beauty of prefinished oak flooring if you are thinking about renovating your home.

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